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Yangzhou Jushen Rope co ltd hereinafter called Jushen was recombined and founded in May 2005 with registered capital of RMB32 399 370 00 and actual investment RMB63 000 000 00 totally it covers an area of 15 000 square meters for the whole manufacturer there are 69 staffs in the company Jushen has two trademarks Jushen and Run Yang designed production ability of mooring ropes is more than 8 500 tons annually it has the modern standard full automatically mechanized workshops and pioneer inspection facilities Run Yang ropes which is applying international standard and with various products and full specifications such as Nylon Polypropylene Polyster Spandex Aramid fiber Polymer polyethylens...

Categories and Products

Polypropylene Rope

8-Strand Polypropylene Monofilament Rope 8-Strand Dan Line Super Polypropylene Rope Polypropylene Multifilament Double Braided Rope 12-Strand Polypropylene Filament Rope High Performance 8-Strand 220 Meters PP Mooring Rope 68mm 8-Strand Polypropylene Rope NK Approved Mooring Rope Polypropylene Rope Mooring PP Rope with LR/ABS Certifications Marine Mooring PE/PP Rope 12-Strand PP Mooring Hawser Rope 8-Strand Braided Polypropylene Filament Mooring Rope Marine Supply Custom Length Mooring Rope Factory Wholesale Price Polypropylene Mooring Rope Ship Anchor Rope / Mooring Rope Polypropylene 8-Strand Braided Polypropylene Filament Rope Wholesale High Quality Braided PP Rope For Ship Polypropylene 3-Inch 8-Strand Mooring Rope PP Mooring Rope 8-Strand With Core High Strength Braided Polypropylene Mooring Rope for Dock Custom Durable Braided PP Mooring Rope for Dock 

Nylon / Polyamide Rope

8-Strand Nylon Rope 12-strand High Strength Nylon Rope Nylon Double Braided Rope Nylon 8-Strand Mooring Rope 8-Strand Nylon Marine Ship Hawser 12-Strand Polyamide Nylon Superline Mooring Rope Hot Sale 8-Strand Mooring Hawser Nylon High Strength Machine Mooring Rope 80mm Double Braided Nylon Mooring Rope High Quality Mooring Colorful Braided Nylon Rope Nylon 8/12-Strand Ship Mooring Rope Marine Rope Nylon 24/36- Strand Double Braid Premium 8-Strand Nylon Rope 12-Strand Nylon High Rope Strength High Quality Nylon Double Braided Rope 24/36- Strand Double Braid Rope 12-Strand Nylon Rope Strength Colored Braided Nylon Rope Double Braided Polyamide Multifilament Line Double Braided Nylon Mooring Rope 

Polyester Rope

8-Strand Polyester Boat Rope 12-Strand Polyester Double Braided Rope Polyester (Terylene ) Double Braided Rope Impa Marine 12 Strand Pet Polyester Rope Polyester Rope / Mooring Rope / Tow Rope 8 Strand 64mm 220m Length Polyester Mooring Rope Top Grade Polyester Braided 8-Strand Mooring Rope 6mm-50mm PP/Polyester 8-Strand Twisted Rope 6mm-50mm Polyester 8-Strand Twisted Rope 6mm-50mm 8-Strand Polyester Rope 8-Strand 220m Polyester Mooring Rope 12-Strand Polyeste Marine Rope 12-Strand Polyester Marine Rope 

Polyethylene Rope

Fishery Polyethylene 3/8/12-Strand Braid Rope Fishery Polyethylene 12-Strand Braid Rope Polyethylene Braid 12-Strand Animal Rope 

SPM (Single Point Mooring) Nylon Rope

SPM Nylon Double Braided Rope Single Point Mooring Rope Dia 80-240mm Single Point Nylon Double Braided Rope Single Point Mooring Rope Diameter 80-240mm Single Point Mooring Rope 

UHMWPE Braided Rope

8-Strand UHMWPE Braided Rope 12-strand UHMWPE Braided Rope Polyester/ UHMWPE Double Braided Rope 3/8/12 Strand UHMWPE Auto Winch Rope LR ABS Approved UHMWPE Mooring Rope Polyester Cover 12-Strand UHMWPE Marine Towing Rope Polyester Cover UHMWPE Marine Towing Rope UHMWPE Braided Mooring Rope UHMWPE Rope for Offshore/Tugging/Lifting/Winch 12 Strand Braided UHMWPE Mooring Rope High Quality 12-Strand UHMWPE Mooring Rope UHWMPE Rope Mooring Rope For Ship Boat Docking 12-Strand UHMWPE Braid Winch Rope High Strength 12 Strand Braided UHMWPE Mooring Rope LR ABS 12-Strand UHMWPE Mooring Rope 8-Strand Mooring Rope UHMWPE Materials 12-Strand Polyester Jacketed /UHMWPE Rope UHMWPE Rope for Outdoor/Tugging/Lifting/Winch High Strength 12-Strand Braided Mooring Rope 8-Strand UHMWPE Mooring Rope 

JS- High Performance Composite Fiber Rope

JS-High Performance Composite Fiber Rope 8/12 Strand PP&PET Mixed Rope 220M Length Ship Mooring Rope PP & PET Mixed Ship Mooring Rope PP&PET 8/12-Strand PP&PET Mixed Rope 220M Length 220M 3/8/12-Strand Mixed Rope Mixed Rope For Marine Ship 

Mixed Rope

6-strand Polyamide Multifilament/ Nylon Monofilament Rope 8-Strand Polyester/ Polypropylene Mixed Rope 12-Strand Polyester/ Polypropylene Mixed Rope 8 Strand PP&PET Mixed Ship Mooring Rope Karat Maxi Mooring Rope/Mixed Rope 96mm PP/Pet Mixed Mooring Thread Rope Use Marine 8 strands polypropylene and polyester mixed for Mooring 8-Strand Polypropylene Polyester mixed mooring rope Polypropylene Polyester Mixed Battle Mooring Rope For Ships Polyester And Polypropylene Double Braided Rope 8-Strand Polyester/Polypropylene Mixed Rope 8-Strand PP&PET Mixed Mooring Rope Polyester&Polypropylene Double Braided Mooring Rope Polyamide Multifilament And Nylon Monofilament Rope 8-Strand Polyester&PP Mixed Rope 8-Strand Polypropylene&Polyester Mixed Mooring Rope Karat Maxi Mixed Mooing Rope 8-Strand Polyester&Polypropylene Mixed Rope 

Offshore And Marine Double Braided Rope

PP Multifilament Double Braided Rope Polyester(Terylene) Double Braided Rope Polyamide Fiber Double Braided Rope Polyamide Double Braided Rope Polyester&Polypropylene Filament Double Braided Rope Offshore Jobs Oil Drilling 28~146mm PP/PE Mooring Rope N/P Composite Double Braid Mooring Rope Nylon Double Braid Mooring Rope 32-Strand/24-Strand Nylon Double Braided Rope Polypropylene Double Braided Rope Polyester (Terylene) Double Braided Rope Polyester&PP Filament Double Braided Rope Offshore Jobs Oil Drilling 8-Strands PP/PE Mooring Rope Offshore 8-Strand Polypropylene/Polyester Mooring Rope Polyamide Multifilament Mooring Line Nylon/Polyamide Composite Double Braid Mooring Rope Polypropylene Marine Braid Rope PE&PP Filament Double Braided Rope 

Aramid Fiber Rope

16-Strand Aramid Fiber Rope 

Mooring Tails

8-Strand Nylon Mooring Tails 12-Strand Nylon Mooring Tails 8-Strand Polyester&Polypropylene Mooring Tails 11-Meter Length Both And Eyes Mooring Tail 8-Strand Polyester / Polypropylene Mooring Tails Nylon / Mixed 11 Meter Mooring Tails 8-Strand Polyester&Polypropylene Ship Tails 8-Strand Nylon Ship Mooring Rope Mixed/ Nylon 11 Meter Mooring Tails Nylon / Mixed Mooring Tails 

Endless Sling

UHMWPE Fiber Endless Round Sling UHMWPE Endless Sling for Lifting 

Braided Nets

Helicopter Platform Anti-skid Net Cargo Nets Of Polypropylene Rope Helicopter Lifting Platform Anti-Skid Net Helicopter Non-slip Safety Net 

Winch Rope

Synthetic Winch Rope Free Choice Of Multiple Colors UHMWPE Winch Rope with Lug/Eyelet/ Sleeve/ Hook/Tube Thimble Nylon Synthetic Winch Rope Car Vinch UHMWPE 12-Strand Rope Factory Price Winch UHMWPE 12-Strand Rope Factory Price UHMWPE Winch Rope Winch Rope With Lug/Eyelet/ Sleeve/ Hook/Tube Thimble Custom Color Uhmwpe 12-strand Winch Rope 

Mooring Rope

Mooring Rope For Ship Mooring And Tug Boat 8-Strand Braided Green Polypropylene Mooring Hawser Rope 8-Strand Braided Polypropylene Mooring Hawser 

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