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Correct Use Method And Misunderstanding Of Fire-Fighting Self-Rescue Rope

Fire-fighting self-help rope is a tool for self-rescue in emergencies such as fires. With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of fire prevention, the home will often be equipped with ropes in order to meet the need. However, many people do not know how to use the self-help rope and the necessary tools. Always feel that a self-help rope can help you save yourself in an emergency. In fact, this is a very serious misunderstanding. This misunderstanding may lead to your death or serious injury.

In the case of panic, people tend to shake their hands and feet powerless, in such a case, how much friction can be generated by the user grabbing the rope with his bare hands? Not to mention the damage caused by friction and fever between hands and ropes caused by unarmed pinching of ropes. What is more lethal is that once the hands are hot, users will unconsciously relax their hands and let them slide down the rope in an instant. The result is that they are not dead or injured. At present, judging from our factory's sales of fire fighting self-rescue ropes, few customers require both 8-ring and safety belt. From a commercial point of view, we hope that the more products we sell, the better. But from a safety technician's point of view, we are really worried about what kind of security risks these self-rescue ropes will produce when they are sold out. Will these self-rescue ropes be used with 8-word rings and safety belts?

In recent years, with the social attention to safety, many similar fire safety classes have been carried out in various places to give residents experience in the use of fire products and escape skills. However, China has a vast territory and a large population, and people's awareness of fire safety is different. What's more terrible is that most people have a chance mentality. Not to mention whether we will encounter such an accident on ourselves, in fact, it is a good thing to master more correct self-help methods. In fact, in our neighbouring country, Japan, its citizens'knowledge of safety and self-rescue is very popular, often in the face of disasters will calmly face, using what we usually learn to carry out effective self-rescue escape.

From a professional point of view, I think that the most effective escape equipment in high-rise (descending type) is the number of slow-descending devices. Considering the physical condition of the elderly and children, there must be some problems in trying to rely on their own grip, especially when using self-help rope, such products should be rethinked. Therefore, users should consider as much as possible the elderly and children at home when choosing escaped products, and carry out effective training under conditions, even if it is once or twice in a lifetime. Of course, in the first use, we should also strengthen the safety protection, from low to high, and proceed slowly.

In a word, I hope you can master as much safety knowledge as possible to prevent man-made accidents.
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